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I do makeup to inspire you and show you that anyone can do it, with practice.

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Welcome to My Makeup Space

I believe that God created art, and when He created us in His image, telling us to be like Him, He also meant for us be like Him in ways like being artistic and creative. Makeup is art, and it is creative, so in my view, makeup is a form of honoring God.

Do you love to scroll through your Instagram feed, looking at makeup pictures and watching makeup videos? Do you want to see a normal, everyday girl do makeup? If so, you have stumbled upon the right page.

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  • I will tell you which products I used and how I used them
  • Hopefully, you will be inspired by my looks, and you will discover a new, or a stronger love for the world of makeup.
  • I am not exactly swimming in cash, so I use affordable products that you get either at your local Walmart or on Amazon (not sponsored)

A few of my looks:

The Little Mermaid

This is inspired by the colors of Ariel and Flounder.


I attempted to bring the galaxy to my lid. It was a good attempt, but could be better.

Broken Glass

There is a story behind this look. If you would like to know it, I explain in the post.

about me

Hello and thank you for your interest in my makeup blog! I am a young writer who loves everything makeup, red, roses, and wolves, but above all else I love God. I created this blog not only to bring inspiration and entertainment to you but also to create a platform for myself.

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