I feel beautiful without makeup on, but when I do put makeup on, it just gives me this extra pop.

Cardi B

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Products Used:

How I Used Them:

  • I filled in my brow with my pencil, set it with my brow gel, and primed my lid with concealer.
  • Then, with my liquid liner, I scribbled on the outer corner of my lid and blended it out with a flattish, fluffy brush. The reason I used liner for this was to make it as black as I could, I don’t have an extremely pigmented black shadow.
  • I then took the matte black shadow from the L.A. Colors palette and set the liner, because the liner dries down glossy.
  • Then, with a small, round, fluffy brush, I blended blue on the outer part of the black, then brought it under, to my lower lash line.
  • I packed the dark purple on the inner corner, parallel with the black.
  • I then took the lighter, violet purple and blended it on the outside of the dark purple, connecting it with the blue.
  • With the highlighter end of the highlight concealer duo (I used this because I don’t have a white liquid liner, but that would work better for it), I put it on a very thing, long, round brush and drew the large sparkle stars.
  • I didn’t have any brush that was as thin as I wanted it to be, so I took a very sharp pencil, dipped the end in the liquid highlighter, and very lightly touched my lid, creating the small stars.
  • I then just put mascara on, and was done!

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